Thursday, April 2, 2009

just close your eyes

this is my third time writing the same post and i really don't know either it will be published or not because there's problem with connection.. huh.. 10 days to go... for my final exam... someone tell me what the newest thing about me that i should know "you are the one with no objective at all" i don't know what more to say.. fact about me.. 1.i'm not constant in doing my work 2.i'm the one who fail to plan and then......(continue it by yourself) 3.i have a dream but never move toward it. 4.i really hope I'll be the coolest,most intelligence ,hardworking student......but i never put an effort into it..... 5.i'm not very kind-hearted 6.i always koya2 on my study.. 7.i really don't like any sound while i'm studying... 8.i hate to be in the crowded space.. 9.i hate my bed..i hate my phone..i hate people that try to mess up with me..i hate time that always chase me from any side in my life...time that always hurt me inside...something that untid y...(macam tempat aku sekarang) 10.i hate to be someone that pretend to be good in everything(perfect lo) 11.i hate any game cause it always took my precious time to study. 12.i hate chatting with someone but i love listen to what they say 13. i hate to sleep even though i always slept.. 14. i love to stay up on the night waiting the day after today(tomorrow lo) 15.i hate my brain 16.i hate to be slow people.. 17.i hate b1 cafe because of the unreasonable price.. once,my teacher told me.. just close your eyes... try to imagine(i don't know if i use the wrong word) yourself in it it help you a lot in understanding who you are.. if you cannot do that.. it show that you never know who you are and you never try to understand yourself "in order for you to find something that you really want..but you really don't know what is it..just list up the thing that you hate most about yourself..."Noorain binti Awang Jusoh(engineering foundation-UIA) "if you have times to care about may have yours.." captain koda


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