Thursday, February 26, 2009

mind set

Semakin jauh ku dari-Mu semakin pula Kau mendekati aku..oh tuhan yang maha sempurna siapalah diriku di hadapanmu. Semakin cuba ku dekati, semakin pula banyak perkara mendugai aku....People start to ask me why i have to wear tudung labuh..and i also do not really know why i have to wear. When kak ila ask me....will i wear that kind of tudung permanently..then i answered yes because it is one of syariah islam..Syariah is like a rule in islam. That is what i know. I do not really care about what people might think about the changes. For me everyone can make a change as long as they got determination or they really want that to happen. My classmate once ask me..the same question like my sister did...and i answer it the same way too. No one know what happened to me and i’m not gonna tell them what was happened. Let the burden only bear by me. Why i am crying all the way back to my home and the night that nobody know about it. The night that maybe look ordinary by others but not for me. I’m sick....not feeling well. I don’t mean the true “me” but my conclusion...mind set tu pnting.....tetibe plak..


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