Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kisah keledek

I'm going to interview soon...

So lets write something in english

Last week i accompanied my sister to buy food things

I really don't have idea how kupang look like

In my imagination,it is an insect that resemble grasshoper...

Seriously...i really don't know how kupang look like

So my sister drag me to some ikan2 section

And kupang is just an animal that got shell like kerang

Then when i coming home at pahang,

Abah prepared food that i hate the most

It is keledek and kacang buncis

I was forced to eat both

Abah told me

"Tau x dulu susah...smua org mkn ubi je"

I don't know if it just some word to persuade or what...

It just annoy to eat something you wont

Persoalan sekarang bukan ke orang dulu2 makan ubi kayu

And i did some research...

Keledek on the market is quite expensive...

I'm wiling to grow one rather than eating or buying

Fuhhh...why keledek....why....