Friday, August 2, 2013

Ship story

Firhan sketching something on the paper

He really in vain

He don't know what to do

Somehow his father try to correct him as much as he can

Firhan try to change,

But he doesn't know why it is still at the same level

Might be he never change at all

So he sketched a lot

He barely speak

Mommy call him as a wall,

Sturdy yet do not talk as well.

Firhan feel like he really need to be a better person

And at the same time he feel like he fail to do so

He stop sketching suddenly

He took out a knife

And stab his palm several time

Then he close his eyes let it bleed heavily....

Life is much like a ship

Every ship want to reach its destination safely

The difference between them is only one that is load

There's a ship that carry least load and of course it can sail really fast compared to the ship that carry more heavy load..

Whatever it is both ship will arrive its own destination

It just a matter of time that will distingush them.


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