Thursday, October 15, 2009

selamat ari raya

"selamat hari raya" that's is the first word that come out from my mouth... seronok gilep.. pas habis jep pose enam... aku merengek-rengek kat aca "nak raye..nak raye" then rayer r kitorang di pizza
halfway to finish all the pizzas
this picture was taken while waiting the bus to come.
focussing on the pizza
hajar and suriani
i like her when she smile..compared to biler dier marah pas habis makan jalan2... malam tue dinner dak polymer engineering plak... for the first time rasa di hargai... sebab keje kuat... sebab tak tido malam... dinner makan sate and nasi beriani... our dean.. dr. something(don't know his name) wish all the polymer student "selamat hari raya" so on that day feel like.... sangat gembira...satu ari raya woo!!


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